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By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
December 05, 2018
Category: Chiropractor
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What your chiropractors in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma want you to know about headache treatment

Acute or chronic headaches can make it difficult to enjoy your life. Headaches impact your ability to function at work and at home.headaches Fortunately, you can get relief from your headaches, thanks to chiropractic care. Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma want to share how chiropractic care can help you feel better.

If you suffer from headache pain, chances are you’ve tried over-the-counter medications. You may have found only temporary relief from pain, or no relief at all. Your chiropractor works differently by going to the source of your pain. At Newcomb Chiropractic your chiropractors will recommend services designed to relax muscles, tendons, ligaments, and realign your body to eliminate pressure and function in harmony.

Chiropractic services to relieve headaches, reduce stress, and help you feel better include:

  • Spinal manipulation and adjustment to release pressure on your nerves and increase flexibility so you can move without pain
  • Back and neck massage to relax muscles, increase circulation and release pressure which promotes wellness and healing
  • Facial massage to relieve sinus pressure
  • Relaxation training to help you relax and relieve stress using deep breathing and other techniques
  • Exercises and stretches to relax muscles and help create a sense of wellness in your whole body

Your chiropractor can help with headache pain. It’s time to stop temporary fixes and get the relief you need. It’s time to pay attention to the cause of your headaches, and your chiropractor can help. For more information about headache treatment and additional chiropractic and wellness services, call Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma today!

By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
August 22, 2018
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Whether you hurt your knee playing sports, or your pain is a result of wear and tear associated with aging or another cause, knee pain canknee pain be very debilitating. Luckily, chiropractic can offer effective, drug-free relief. Knee pain is among the conditions that Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb regularly treat at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic.

Common causes of knee pain

Although accidents and falls are common causes of pain, knee pain doesn't always occur suddenly or dramatically. In some cases, it may be caused by training too hard or long. At first, you may notice a few twinges in your knee. If you ignore those warning signs and continue to exercise, the pain may increase until it's impossible to ignore.

Overuse injuries that typically affect the knee include iliotibial band syndrome and meniscus, ligament, and tendon injuries. Arthritis may make moving painful if you're older, but the condition doesn't just occur with age. If you've suffered a knee injury in the past, you may be more likely to develop arthritis, even if you're fairly young.

How can a visit to the Broken Arrow chiropractor help?

Your chiropractor uses a variety of treatments to help ease your pain, including:

  • Manipulation and Mobilization: Your chiropractor may use manual manipulation and mobilization techniques to improve the alignment of the joint and increase mobility. In some cases, he may also recommend spinal manipulation, as some cases of knee pain can be triggered by a spinal misalignment.
  • Massage: Your treatment plan may also include gentle massage, which helps reduce both swelling and inflammation.
  • Braces: Supporting your knee with a brace or tape helps keep it properly aligned, which can decrease healing time.

In addition to these treatments, your chiropractor may suggest a few knee exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your knees.

Ease your knee pain with a visit to the chiropractor! Call Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb at (918) 251-4239 to schedule an appointment.

By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
May 08, 2018
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Figure out what might be causing your shoulder pain so that you can get back to a pain-free life.

Shoulder pain can happen for a variety of reasons. No matter whether it came about suddenly or you’ve been noticing discomfort graduallyshoulder pain over time, it’s important that you get to the bottom of it. Our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors, Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb are here to tell you the common causes of shoulder pain and when chiropractic care might be able to alleviate your symptoms and improve shoulder function.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

There are a variety of reasons why you might be dealing with shoulder pain, including:

  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Sprain or strain
  • Fracture
  • Tendon tear
  • Arthritis
  • Instability
  • Impingement

It important to seek medical care right away if you are dealing with severe shoulder pain. If the pain isn’t severe but doesn’t improve after a couple of days of rest then you will also need to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

When to Turn to a Chiropractor

When people think of chiropractic care they often think of the spine; however, a chiropractor is able to adjust all areas of the body, from the spine and neck to the extremities and even the smallest joints within the shoulders and toes.

When you come into our chiropractic office in Broken Arrow for care we will run diagnostic tests and a thorough physical exam to determine the cause of your shoulder pain. In many cases we will be able to make a diagnosis through a series of orthopedic tests and by talking to you about your symptoms; however, imaging tests may be necessary for a proper diagnosis.

From there, we can create a treatment plan that will work best for you based on your symptoms and the cause of your shoulder problems. Chiropractic adjustments can help realign certain tendons, ligaments, and joints within the shoulder to improve how they function, to reduce inflammation and pain, to boost blood flow (which facilitates faster healing) and to enhance mobility and range of motion.

Other treatment options include Adjustments, Electrotherapy, Low-level laser therapy and Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). Sometimes these treatment options may be recommended in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to provide faster and more effective relief.

Dealing with shoulder pain in Broken Arrow, OK, and looking for a treatment option that will help take away the pain? You’ve come to the right place. It might just be the perfect time to schedule a consultation with Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic to find out how we can help.

By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
February 16, 2018
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Tags: headaches  

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Chiropractic treatment can help ease your pain. Our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors, Dr. R. Brent headachesNewcomb and Dr. Doug Newcom, explain how you can benefit from a trip to the chiropractor.

What causes headaches?

Some types of headaches can be traced to a particular event, such as whiplash following a car accident or neck strain from weightlifting. Often, the cause of your pain isn't readily apparent, although your posture can play a role in some types of headaches.

During working hours, many people contort their bodies into positions that strain the muscles or bones. If your job requires repetitive movements or long hours in front of a computer, you may be more likely to suffer from headaches. Frequent use of smartphones and iPads can also contribute to the problem. When you tilt your head to view your digital device, the muscles in your neck and upper body tighten, increasing the chance that you'll develop a headache.

How can chiropractic treatment help me?

Over-the-counter pain medications may temporarily relieve your headaches, but the pain will return unless you treat the source of the problem. For example, some headaches occur if your spine is misaligned. Misalignments can irritate the nerves and blood vessels, cause tension in your muscles and make it more difficult for your neck to adequately support your head. As a result, you'll experience headache pain.

Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal alignment, relieving your painful symptoms. Adjustments, also called spinal manipulations, ease muscle tightness, improve blood circulation and promote healing. Irritated nerves can be a factor in some types of headaches. Spinal adjustments reduce pressure on your nerves and not only reduce headache pain but may also prevent future headaches.

During your visit to our Broken Arrow office, we may recommend a few other treatments that will help you feel better, such as ice and heat therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound treatments, myofascial release and Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). These treatments loosen tight muscles and trigger the release of endorphins, your body's natural painkillers. In addition to chiropractic treatments and other therapies, we may also recommend exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your neck and offer tips on posture that will help reduce stress on your spine and neck.

Relieve your chronic headaches with chiropractic treatment. Call our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors, Drs. Doug and Brent Newcomb, at (918) 251-4239 to schedule your appointment.

By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
December 19, 2017
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Our treatment options could finally get rid of your jaw pain and discomfort.tmj

Are you dealing with sore, stiff and achy jaws caused by TMJ disorder? Have you taken painkillers, iced the angry jaw joint and even cut your food into bite-sized pieces in an effort to manage your symptoms? Are TMJ disorder symptoms just getting out of control or affecting you in ways you never thought possible? If so, our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors, Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb, could finally provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for.

What is a chiropractor?

This medical professional is helpful in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries and injuries associated with the musculoskeletal system. While a chiropractor can offer a variety of different treatment options the main goal is to provide spinal manipulation and manual adjustments to correct misalignments in the spine, which can lead to stiffness, pain, weakness, nerve problems, loss of flexibility and range of motion in other parts of the body.

Should I see a chiropractor to treat my TMJ disorder?

Since most people just assume that chiropractors only handle spinal issues most people don’t realize that getting chiropractic care in Broken Arrow could actually help them. If you have TMJ disorder and you are finding at-home treatments ineffective then it might be time to turn to us.

As you may already know, TMJ disorder arises from a jaw joint dysfunction. Since the jaw joint doesn’t function as it should this means that the facial muscles surround it are often overworked and tense, which can cause jaw and facial pain and stiffness, among other issues. When you come in for treatment, the goal of our chiropractor is to alleviate tension in the muscles around the joint. One technique that is particularly effective for those with TMJ disorder is trigger point therapy, which our chiropractors apply the appropriate amount of pressure to these painful areas to reduce sensitivity and pain.

Sometimes a jaw misalignment from back or neck problems results in TMJ disorder. If this is the case, our chiropractor will perform a series of chiropractic adjustments to help realign the vertebrae in the spine and neck to also improve the alignment of the jaws and reduce how much work and stress is being placed on the muscles and joints of the jaws.

If you are trying to find ways to manage musculoskeletal pain then it’s time you sought care from Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK. We can provide a wide range of chiropractic services to help you move around pain-free.