FAQs About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
April 24, 2020
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For a small percentage of the American population, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) causes significant pain and dysfunction in the affected hand and wrist. If you suspect you have CTS, your chiropractors, Drs. Doug and Brent Newcomb of Newcomb Chiropractic Center in Broken Arrow, OK, can help.

What is the carpal tunnel?

Actually, it is a passage through the eight bones of the inner aspect of the wrist. The median nerve runs through this tunnel, and it is covered by the traverse carpal tunnel ligament. Through repetitive motions, this ligament may swell and compress the nerve and its associated synovial fluid.

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

This nerve compression results in a collection of symptoms that patients find progressively debilitating. Symptoms include:

  • Pain, numbness, and tingling in the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of the affected hand (these symptoms may extend to the arm and shoulder)
  • Loss of grip strength
  • Atrophy of the muscles in the hand

My symptoms seem to get worse with some activities. Why is that?

Symptoms increase with activities such as sewing, keyboarding, driving, and tennis. Any activity that flexes the hand and wrist for a long time can aggravate the condition, says the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Additionally, CTS frequently co-exists with:

  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Small wrist structure
  • Arthritis
  • Thyroid hormone imbalances

How can my chiropractor help?

Your chiropractor can treat your carpal tunnel syndrome right at his office in Broken Arrow. Dr. Newcomb will ask you about your symptoms, medications, medical history, and other important factors. He'll examine your spine and the affected hand, wrist, and arm. He may take X-rays and other kinds of digital imaging, as well.

Often, this problem diminishes within a few months as patients see a significant reduction in symptoms by following their chiropractic treatment plans. Your treatment may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine vertebrae (bones in the neck)
  • Over-the-counter analgesics, such as ibuprofen
  • Cortisone injections in the wrist to reduce inflammation
  • Splinting to keep the wrist straight, particularly at night as you sleep
  • Changing the position of your wrist and hand as you work
  • Exercises which relieve the compression of the median nerve
  • Rest, ice, and elevation of your hand and wrist

Regain your wrist health

Get that carpal tunnel syndrome evaluated and treated at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK. Call Dr. Doug Newcomb and Dr. Brent Newcomb at (918) 251-4239.