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June 19, 2020
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How your chiropractors in Broken Arrow OK can help relieve your knee pain

If you suffer from knee pain, you already know how it can impact your life. Activities that you once enjoyed can become torture. You may have had to stop doing the activities you love. Inactivity leads to other problems, like weight gain, which can lead to more knee pain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get relief from your knee pain? Did you know your chiropractor can help? Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow OK offer a range of pain relief and pain management services. They are experts in the treatment of knee pain in Broken Arrow.

Knee Pain Symptoms & Treatment

  • Knee pain can come on suddenly and acutely, making it difficult to stand and walk around.
  • Knee pain can also grow over time, turning into a chronic condition.
  • It can be caused by a sports injury or a vehicle accident
  • . It can also be caused by a medical condition like arthritis.

At Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic, your doctors can relieve knee pain with several different techniques. They may suggest easy fixes like taking the weight off of your knee and resting awhile. Another solution is to reduce knee stress and add support by wearing a brace or cast.

They may also recommend:

  • Thermal therapies, including placing ice packs or moist heat on your knee
  • Exercise and physical therapy to enhance flexibility and strength
  • Therapeutic ultrasound, using sound waves to apply energy to your joints and soft tissue; can help reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, and swelling.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, commonly known as (TENS); this is an excellent treatment to manage chronic knee pain
  • Massage therapy, which can increase blood flow and promote healing of damaged tissue; massage also helps to maintain knee flexibility and prevent stiffness.

Treatment for Knee Pain Broken Arrow

You don’t have to suffer from knee pain. You can get relief from your chiropractor. To find out more about knee pain treatment, call Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug M. Newcomb of Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow OK at (918) 251-4239. Call today!

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April 24, 2020
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For a small percentage of the American population, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) causes significant pain and dysfunction in the affected hand and wrist. If you suspect you have CTS, your chiropractors, Drs. Doug and Brent Newcomb of Newcomb Chiropractic Center in Broken Arrow, OK, can help.

What is the carpal tunnel?

Actually, it is a passage through the eight bones of the inner aspect of the wrist. The median nerve runs through this tunnel, and it is covered by the traverse carpal tunnel ligament. Through repetitive motions, this ligament may swell and compress the nerve and its associated synovial fluid.

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

This nerve compression results in a collection of symptoms that patients find progressively debilitating. Symptoms include:

  • Pain, numbness, and tingling in the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of the affected hand (these symptoms may extend to the arm and shoulder)
  • Loss of grip strength
  • Atrophy of the muscles in the hand

My symptoms seem to get worse with some activities. Why is that?

Symptoms increase with activities such as sewing, keyboarding, driving, and tennis. Any activity that flexes the hand and wrist for a long time can aggravate the condition, says the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Additionally, CTS frequently co-exists with:

  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Small wrist structure
  • Arthritis
  • Thyroid hormone imbalances

How can my chiropractor help?

Your chiropractor can treat your carpal tunnel syndrome right at his office in Broken Arrow. Dr. Newcomb will ask you about your symptoms, medications, medical history, and other important factors. He'll examine your spine and the affected hand, wrist, and arm. He may take X-rays and other kinds of digital imaging, as well.

Often, this problem diminishes within a few months as patients see a significant reduction in symptoms by following their chiropractic treatment plans. Your treatment may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine vertebrae (bones in the neck)
  • Over-the-counter analgesics, such as ibuprofen
  • Cortisone injections in the wrist to reduce inflammation
  • Splinting to keep the wrist straight, particularly at night as you sleep
  • Changing the position of your wrist and hand as you work
  • Exercises which relieve the compression of the median nerve
  • Rest, ice, and elevation of your hand and wrist

Regain your wrist health

Get that carpal tunnel syndrome evaluated and treated at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK. Call Dr. Doug Newcomb and Dr. Brent Newcomb at (918) 251-4239.

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April 22, 2020
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Are you a headache sufferer? If so, have you tried chiropractic care? At Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK, Dr. R. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb provide relief for headaches of all kinds. You'll be impressed with their accurate and compassionate care.

Why do I get headaches?

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) says that 90 percent of American adults suffer from some type of headache. Some headaches originate in injury from sports or an accident; most, however, are what neurologists call primary headaches.

Primary headaches are the familiar migraine, cluster or tension headaches. All headaches span age and gender barriers. Stress and tight muscles in the neck, shoulder and back precipitate the discomfort in the majority of cases, states the ACA.

Your chiropractor can help

When you come to Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, Dr. Newcomb will ask you about your headache symptoms, what triggers them, how long they last, and what may relieve the pain.

Also, he'll review your medical history and medications and do a chiropractic examination of your neck and spine. This exam reveals areas of tension and stress in muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck, shoulders and back.

Additionally, it reveals subluxations or misalignments of the spinal vertebrae. Subluxations pinch nerves and harm soft tissues, leading to pain, limited range of motion and poor function of the neck, arms, legs, and more.

To relieve your headaches, Dr. Newcomb will perform the spinal adjustments you need to improve blood flow and nerve function up and down your spine. Spinal adjustments speed healing to injured areas of the body.

Also, he may advise some simple headache interventions, including:

  • A program of daily stretching exercises and relaxation techniques
  • Walking or other light to moderate aerobic exercise
  • Ways to improve your posture, or ergonomics, as you work
  • Adequate hydration

Oh, my aching head

It's definitely a burden, but take heart. You can find relief. Why not contact Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow for a headache consultation with Dr. R. Brent Newcomb, or Dr. Doug Newcomb? They offer a full-range of chiropractic services in a comfortable, friendly environment. It's a family tradition! Phone us Monday through Saturday at (918) 251-4239.

March 18, 2020
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Newcomb Clinic COVID – 19 Update

4-7-20      We are continuing to receive calls asking if we are open.  The answer is yes; we are open.  We will remain open and seeing patients as long as our staff is healthy.  If you need an appointment, please call us and we will be happy to help you.  If you are feeling ill, please stay home and follow the CDC recommendations on self-quarantine. 

3-30-20     Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar and overlap with symptoms of more common problems seen this time of year including Flu, Cold, and Allergies.  Click below for a comparison chart from the Oklahoma State Department of Health between COVID-19 vs. Cold vs. Flu vs. Allergies.  Our plan, as long as our staff is healthy, is to remain open and treat our patients.   We are continuing to take extra precautions including extra waiting areas to maintain distancing and extra cleaning and disinfecting. 

                    COVID-19  Symptom Comparison 

3-27-20     Chiropractic care IS considered essential by Governor Stitt’s guidelines.  Our plan, as long as our staff is healthy, is to remain open and treat our patients.   We are continuing to take extra precautions including extra waiting areas to maintain distancing and extra cleaning and disinfecting. 

3-18-20     It is our intention to stay open with our normal business hours.   We are making some procedural changes to help combat the spread of the virus.  We have stepped up our cleaning practices and have multiple waiting areas to help maintain social distancing.  Click here for more information from the CDC on how to protect yourself and help stop the spread of the virus.  If you have a fever or cough we ask that you please remain at home; however, if you are symptom free we encourage you to keep your appointment as chiropractic manipulation with proper nerve and blood flow help maintain a healthy immune system.  While little is known on how to treat this specific virus, there are several supplements that are often taken to help boost the immune system.  A few examples would include a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral, echinacea, lysine, and elderberry. 

By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
October 25, 2019
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Find out how chiropractic treatment could improve your headaches.

Headaches are a real pain! While all people will experience a headache at some point, there are others that deal with frequent headaches. headacheIn fact, about 1 in every 20 adults has a headache every, or nearly every day, according to WHO. If you are having trouble getting your headaches under control or if you are looking for a drug-free way to treat your headaches, then your chiropractors in Broken Arrow, OK, Drs. Doug & Brent Newcomb can help.


What causes headaches?

To find out if you could benefit from chiropractic treatment, it’s first important that you pinpoint the cause of your headaches. One of the main causes is muscle tension. Blame all those hours we spend sitting in front of a computer in one position. Over time this can lead to joint and muscle problems in the shoulders, neck and back that can cause headaches. Common habits that we do every day could lead to tension headaches. These habits include,

  • Driving for hours without moving or stretching
  • Sitting in front of the computer all-day
  • Looking down at your phone persistently throughout the day
  • Teeth clenching

If tension is triggering your headache, then our chiropractors in Broken Arrow, OK, can help you.


What will a chiropractor do?

If you suffer from headaches brought on by muscle tension, there are several things they may do to help reduce tension:

  • Perform spinal manipulation, or adjustments in order to realign parts of the spine to take stress off certain areas and improve functionality and mobility, all while reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Massage therapy and other manipulative techniques may also be used to improve how the body functions as a whole to reduce headaches.
  • Lifestyle choices, such as a healthier diet, better ergonomics in the workplace or ways to improve posture.

All of these things together can greatly reduce your headaches. We can even show you certain exercises and techniques that you can perform during the day to reduce tension and irritation to the muscles and joints, which could stave off a potential headache.

If you are looking for a drug-free, non-invasive, and safe way to combat your headaches, then chiropractic treatment may just be the best way to treat your symptoms.


Interested? Give us a call

Are you ready to sit down with us and find out how chiropractic treatment may be able to alleviate your frequent headaches? If so, call Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK, today at (918) 251-4239 to schedule a consultation.

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