Struggling with Migraines? We Can Help
By Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc
September 10, 2019
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Find out how regular chiropractic care could improve your migraine symptoms.

People who experience migraines know pain. Migraines are severe and sometimes debilitating headaches that can make someone chiropractornauseous, as well as painfully sensitive to light and sounds. If you struggle with migraines and don’t want to constantly turn to medication, it might be time to find out how our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors, Drs. Brent and Doug Newcomb, can help you.


Getting Chiropractic Care for Migraines

Today, there is more and more evidence to prove the effectiveness of regular chiropractic adjustments on migraines—but just how exactly are these throbbing headaches affected by spine alignment? Well, when areas of the spine aren’t properly aligned, it can affect nerve output, thus causing tension in areas of the back, shoulders, and neck. As you might imagine, this constant tension can also lead to migraines.

When you turn to chiropractic care from our Broken Arrow office, we may recommend different options to treat migraines including spinal adjustment, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and other forms of manipulation. Our chiropractor can also provide relaxation techniques to help reduce stress and tension, which in turn can prevent migraines from forming in the first place.

Furthermore, chiropractic care doesn’t just provide physical relief. It also reduces stress, which can be a trigger for migraines. Regular massage therapy, deep breathing, and meditation can all help patients get their stress levels under control, consequently reducing the frequency of migraines.


Changing Your Lifestyle

It’s also important to understand your triggers so that you can make the appropriate changes to your daily routine. After all, everything from sleep to diet to exercise can all trigger migraines. Therefore, it’s important to exercise regularly, sleep enough hours every night, and eat healthy, balanced meals throughout the day. Tracking what you eat can also help you pinpoint if there are certain foods that could be triggering your migraines.

Our chiropractor can help you pinpoint certain habits that could be triggering your migraines and recommend certain lifestyle modifications. We don’t just provide spinal realignments and manual therapy, but also overall wellness. Our goal is to help you pinpoint the source of your migraines and find the most effective solutions for treating them.


Need Relief? Give us a Call

Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK, has helped countless patients better manage their migraines and headaches. If migraines are affecting your life, call our office today at (918) 251-4239 to schedule a consultation.