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May 26, 2021
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If you want a solution to your frequent headaches, you might want to look beyond over-the-counter pain medication. Chiropractic care from Dr. Doug Newcomb and Dr. Brent Newcomb of Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic could help you manage your headaches in Broken Arrow, OK.

Types of Headaches

Several types of headaches exist with the most prevalent types including:

  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Cervicogenic headaches

Tension headaches can feel like a tight band around your head. It could occur for only a brief moment or might last days or weeks for people with chronic tension headaches. Migraines could present as a throbbing headache radiating from one part of your head. You might also experience light and sound sensitivity. Cervicogenic headaches occur due to tension in your upper spine and the pain is referred to your head and face.

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Pain medications don't heal the cause of your headaches. Rather, they mask the pain. That's why, after the effect of the medication wears off, your headache returns. Studies show that chiropractic care is effective at relieving headaches. Unlike medications that only cover up the pain, your Chiropractors at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic work on relieving the cause of your headaches in Broken Arrow, OK.

For instance, tension headaches could be due to tension in your muscles from staying in an uncomfortable position for too long. Taking painkillers might not reduce that muscle tension. However, a session with your chiropractor might help relieve some of that muscle tension to relieve your discomfort.

How Chiropractic Care Can Manage Your Headaches

Before your chiropractor can help with your headaches, they need to diagnose and assess your condition. If you're a Broken Arrow, OK, resident with chronic headaches then you should schedule a consultation with your chiropractor at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic for an assessment.

Your chiropractor might use the following interventions to help manage your condition:

  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Rehabilitation
  • Referral

Don't limit your treatment for headaches in Broken Arrow, OK, to medication alone. Call 918-251-4239 to schedule a consultation with your chiropractors at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic to discover how chiropractic care can help you manage your headaches.

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April 15, 2021
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Are you struggling to manage your carpal tunnel symptoms? Visiting your Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors, Dr. Doug Newcomb and Dr. Brent Newcomb of Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic may offer a simple way to ease your pain.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Your median nerve travels from your arm to your hand through a tunnel made up of small bones in your wrist. Narrowing of this tunnel, known as the "carpal" tunnel, causes pressure on the nerve. When the nerve is compressed, you may experience these carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms:

  • Pain in your wrist, forearm, thumb, middle, index, or ring fingers 
  • Weakness in your hand
  • Tingling, numbness, or burning sensations
  • Difficulty gripping or holding objects
  • Hot or cold feeling in your hands
  • Electric shock sensations in your wrist or hands
  • Tightness or swelling in your hands

You may be more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you participate in activities that require repetitive hand movements, like playing a musical instrument, working on an assembly line, typing, sewing, or golfing. Other risk factors include obesity, pregnancy, previous wrist injuries, and smoking. Your risk of the syndrome may be higher if you have diabetes, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis.

How your chiropractor treats your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

During your visit to the Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractic office, your doctor will ask about your medical history, job, hobbies, and symptoms. This information will help them develop an effective treatment plan for your condition.

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome may involve spinal manipulation to realign the vertebrae in your spine, as a misalignment could be a contributing factor in carpal tunnel syndrome. During spinal manipulation treatment, your chiropractor uses quick thrusts with their hand or an activator to realign your vertebrae. Manipulation of your wrist and elbow may also be helpful.

Massaging your hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, and neck relaxes your muscles and may help reduce pain, numbness, and inflammation. Ultrasound therapy may also be part of your treatment plan. The treatment uses sound waves to promote healing, relax tight tissues, increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation. Between visits, wrist supports and exercises will help you keep your symptoms under control.

Would you like to relieve your carpal tunnel pain naturally? Call your chiropractors in Broken Arrow, OK, Dr. Doug Newcomb and Dr. Brent Newcomb of Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic, at (918) 251-4239 to schedule your appointment.

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February 09, 2021
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Learn more about our chiropractic approach to addressing your headache symptoms here in Broken Arrow, OK.

Are you dealing with frequent, debilitating headaches that make it difficult to focus on work or, well, just about anything? Tired of having to rely on pain meds that only dull the pain but don’t actually treat the underlying issue? You may be surprised to know that tension in your neck could be causing your headaches and that our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors Drs. Doug & Brent Newcomb can provide an effective approach to treating and managing tension headaches.

Are my headaches caused by tension?

Many things can bring on a headache, including skipping meals, your environment, stress, or certain foods; however, about 95 percent of headaches are primary headaches often caused by tension.

We lead very sedentary lives these days. If you are someone who spends most of the day in the same position, particularly at your desk, then chances are good that you do have tension in the neck, back and shoulders. Yes, this could very well be causing your headaches.

How can a chiropractor help me?

There are certain steps that you can take right now to prevent headaches. If you sit in a fixed position during the day, it’s always a good idea to get up and stretch every 30 minutes, particularly your head and neck. Make sure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day (as dehydration can also lead to headaches) and consider ways to make your desk and office space more ergonomic.

Of course, regular chiropractic care from our team of Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors can also help to alleviate tension in the head, neck, and shoulders to reduce the severity and frequency of your headaches. Here are the primary ways in which we can help headache sufferers,

  • We can provide regular spinal manipulation and adjustments to alleviate tension, improve spinal mobility and function, and boost blood flow. Spinal manipulation improves how the body functions as a whole without resorting to pain medications that don’t target and treat the underlying cause.
  • We can provide advice and recommendations on everything from exercises, proper posture, ergonomics, and nutrition that can improve your health and reduce your risk for headaches. We can even work with you to foster a work environment that isn’t as likely to cause tension and impact spinal function.

If you are fed up with tension headaches ruining your day, our Broken Arrow, OK, chiropractors can help. To schedule a consultation with the team at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic, call (918) 251-4239 today.

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December 23, 2020

Temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder affects the joints that connect your jawbone to your skull. They can cause pain in your lower jaw and face and can affect the movement of your jaw. In many cases, the discomfort caused by TMJ can be relieved with non-surgical treatments. Dr. Doug Newcomb and Dr. Brent Newcomb are chiropractors at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic, in Broken Arrow, OK where they treat TMJ.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Broken Arrow residents with TMJ disorder may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in your lower jaw
  • Pain in your temporomandibular joints on one or both sides
  • Tenderness or pain around your ears
  • Pain or tenderness in one or both sides of your face
  • Discomfort, stiffness, or clicking when you open or close your mouth

Causes of TMJ Disorder

Often, the cause of a TMJ disorder is not known, but it may arise when:

  • The shock-absorbing disk that separates the bones in the temporomandibular joint slips out of place.
  • The cartilage protecting the TMJ is damaged due to arthritis.
  • The TMJ is damaged by trauma or injury.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

Sometimes TMJ disorder symptoms will resolve without treatment. However, if symptoms persist, you should consult a doctor, who may recommend one of the following treatment options:

  • Gentle Adjustments
  • Myofascial Release
  • Acupuncture

If you have a tendency to grind your teeth or clench your jaw, wearing a mouthguard can be beneficial, especially while your sleep. Exercises to stretch and strengthen your jaw may help. You may also benefit from using ice or ultrasound treatment. In some cases when these solutions are ineffective, referral to a dentist, primary care physician, or even surgery may be required.

If you live in Broken Arrow, OK and you would like to find out more about treatment options for TMJ, contact Dr. Newcomb at 918-251-4239 to schedule an appointment.

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December 10, 2020
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A lot of people visit a chiropractor for neck or back pain. But aside from these common pains, you can also see a chiropractor for foot, head, arm, knee, and shoulder pain, among others. With this in mind, if you’re looking for a more natural way to manage your shoulder pain, chiropractic care could be a viable option for you.

Here at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc. in Broken Arrow, OK, your chiropractors Dr. Brent Newcomb and Dr. Doug Newcomb can evaluate your case and recommend a treatment plan to give you relief from shoulder pain.

Shoulder Anatomy Basics

One of the most mobile joints in your entire body is the shoulder. It is surrounded by tendons, tissues, bursa, and nerves that could become irritated and result in painful movements. Because your shoulder joint contains various muscles, ligaments, and tendons that surround it, tearing or injury to all these parts could cause shoulder pain. Additionally, neck pain could sometimes radiate to the shoulder joint, causing discomfort and pain.

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

To ease this pain, people usually turn to medications to treat their symptoms. The problem is that many people can’t and shouldn’t take potent pain medications for various reasons. If you’re one of these people or are looking to manage shoulder pain with a more holistic and sustainable approach, your chiropractor in Broken Arrow, OK, might help.

Due to various components that support and surround the shoulder joint, even a slight misalignment could result in the muscles and ligaments pulling in different directions that could cause pain, spasms, and inflammation. To remedy this, your chiropractor will adjust your shoulder gently, backward and/or forward to put misaligned parts in their proper positions.

Your chiropractor may also perform adjustments on your upper back and neck to help ease your pain. Aside from chiropractic adjustments, your chiropractor will also advise you on modifying your physical activity to prevent injury and improve your shoulder’s flexibility and pain.

Also, your chiropractor can teach you about simple shoulder exercises that you can do at home to relieve and prevent pain. You should also avoid overdoing activities that contribute to your pain.

Talk to Us to Learn How We Can Help Manage Your Shoulder Pain
Schedule a consultation with your chiropractor, Dr. Brent Newcomb, or Dr. Doug Newcomb, here at Newcomb Chiropractic Clinic Inc. in Broken Arrow, OK by dialing 918-251-4239.

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